Adrift on a Canoe

Author: Pattie
Archive: Gossamer, naturally. Ask, please, out of common courtesy.  Besides, my Muse is so---- hungry.

Disclaimer: Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and Fox Studios own them. I just take them out to play and send them homesafe and clean. Also, the song "Cruising  Down the River" was composed by Eily Beadell and Nell Tollerton, played by Ross Morgan and His Orchestra for the movie of the
same title.  No copyright infringement intended.

Note: The title came from Title Challenge.

Adrift on a Canoe

Mulder and Scully were free to enjoy a Sunday free from cases of extreme possibilities, mysterious disappearances and the oddball quest to dig into the unsolved things filed under "X".

Mulder wanted to treat his partner to some fun knowing her nose would be in a book, or her silky, gloved hands doing housework."

"Why are we out here when you usually get your kicks on such a beautiful day, sneaking into the office to go through the wonderful world of the unknown, Mulder?" This had to be one of his wild goose chases, she was thinking.

Frank Bradley presented the pair with a boat, oars and life jackets.  "You are all set, the weather is great, I see you have food.  Enjoy." The man smiled broadly, as business had been rather slow lately-- partly due to the downturn in the economy, he thought.

"Scully, just enjoy it.  Thanks, Frank."

"No problem, Fox. I met Agent Scully when you were in hospital last year. See you. I have some accounting to do." He quickly walked back to his office.

As the two sat down and grabbed the oars, the question came up. "Did you take your Gravol Mulder? You know what happened the last time when the storm came..."

"Yes, Doctor. I even packed it. Can you sing *Cruising Down the River* for me?"

A puzzled look came over the woman's face.  "No. I know the words, but you know I cannot sing very well. Why?"

"Gee, I thought it would put me in the mood, sailing."

"No way. Get that oar into the water now, no don't think about it. We both need the exercise."

"Party pooper." Mulder grabbed his oar and they both rowed down the river for a while, taking in the scenery. Trees either blossom-filled or fruiting, reeds along the way, gorgeous flowers.

"Scully, any second thoughts about our partnership?" He passed her a Granola bar.

"Sometimes. You?"

Mulder was silent for a few seconds. "Well, I knew you were hired to debunk my theories, and they knew I wanted to work alone. Actually, I enjoy the company. Knowing you mostly have my back makes me more secure. In fact, as a partner, you are the cutest..."

"Mulderrr... I may not be armed right now, but..."

"I know, keep rowing. Let's change the subject. Remember that guy who could change into other people and he went to your apartment?"

Where was he going with this? "Unfortunately, yes. He even had the nerve to say you and I didn't talk much on a peronal basis."

"He was right."

"After he was locked away, he said you were a loser. I had to remind you were not. Let's keep rowing. No more shoptalk."

"Yes, mummy dearest." He dug into his backpack. "I brought my radio." As he turned it on, they heard this: 'And now by special request, *Cruisin' Down the River*, by Russ Morgan and his Orchestra.'  

Scully shook her head, then stared at Mulder.


"Mulder, tell me you didn't."

"Surprised me. No, I didn't. Just enjoy," he said, with a Cheshire Cat grin, as he felt his face turning 30 shades of red.

"Oh, I want to believe you, but you know quite well I don't." Now who's face was turning red.

"I can turn the station or turn it off."

"That's okay. I love this song. Mom played the old 78 a lot when we were kids. I can't sing along, though."

"Darn. Umm, Scully... I have a question for you. No need to answer, though." He grabbed a Granola bar.

"Okay. Let's talk. What do you want ask?"

Oh boy, he had meant to do this much earlier. "When did you know?"

Scully was struck dumb.

"Well? Nobody from work is here now, Scully."

"Oh, I think the first day I walked into the office of 'the F.B.I.'s Most Unwanted.' And you?"

A moment of silence not only to swallow his bar, but to carefully choose his words. "When you walked out of the office that day, turned around, and said, 'See you tomorrow.' Coincidence or fate, partner?"

Scully smiled broadly, as the moon rose. "Fate. Better get back to home base, partner."

"Gee, what kind of partner?"

"Mulder, just shut up, turn around and row."

So as you can see, these two people were definitely adrift on a canoe. But not for long.

                       NOT THE END

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