Long Weekend

Category: MT, A
Rating: PG-13 for a little colorful language.
Spoilers: None, but the story takes place in early season 6, when Mulder and Scully are still working under AD Kersh.
Archive: But of course, but please let me know.
Thanks: To three in particular, Vickie, Keryn, and Kristina, who read this as I went, and encouraged along the way. It took a lot longer than I--or they--anticipated! And also to all the other people who let me know that they enjoy what I do.
Feedback: Is my lifeblood. dee_ayy@yahoo.com
Disclaimer: Not mine! Mulder, Scully, and the Lone Gunmen all belong to Chris Carter's 1013 Productions and Rupert Murdoch's 20th Century Fox Film Corp. (you know, that company that seems to like to cheat people out of their just earnings).
Summary: Mulder takes a little trip with the Lone Gunmen, and things don't go as planned.

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Category: A is for angst (for both Scully and Mulder). MT is for Mulder Torture (more implied than anything). I wish I could give it a V for vignette (I tried!), but it's too long. Some day I'll do it.
Rating: PG all the way.
Spoilers: This story nestles into the middle of the fourth season episode DEMONS. But you've all seen that one by now.
Archive: Yes, please. Just let me know where!
Thanks, Vickie. (And you too, Keryn, for the 2 a.m. title conference.)
Feedback: Pretty Please? dee_ayy@yahoo.com
Disclaimer: I'm running out of new ways to say this. I don't own 'em, I don't claim to. They belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and 20th Century Fox Film Corp., a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch's evil corporate empire (Go David, go David!). I'm just borrowing.
Summary: Those missing scenes from DEMONS, where Mulder goes to the hospital after his collapse outside the cottage. Scully ponders what is happening to her partner.

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Victory Cap

Disclaimer: Sigh. If you know them, they aren’t mine. If you don’t, they are. The ones you know belong to 1013 Productions, and the evil corporate empire commonly known as 20th Century Fox Film Corporation. I appreciate them for not suing me.
Rating: PG-13
Category: MT (well, MulderRecovery is more like it), a bit of angst. M/S Friendship.
Spoilers: For the seventh season episode “6th Extinction II: Amor Fati,” and the 1999 World Series. Be warned. And there’s a tip ‘o the cap to “The Unnatural.” See if you can find it.
Archive: By all means. Please let me know where, though!
Feedback: Is encouraged, cherished, saved, and answered Every last one! dee_ayy@yahoo.com
Thanks: Vickie, Keryn, Peggy G. Thanks for the encouragement and the friendship.
Summary: Baseball is the key to life.

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The Wringer

Disclaimer: If they belonged to me, I'd be rich and living in Malibu. I'm poor and I'm thousands of miles away. Get it? The people they DO belong to, Chris Carter, folks at 1013 Productions and Fox, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, etc., ARE all rich, and they probably all live in Malibu. So I am certainly not worth the trouble.
Rating: PG-13 for language. Lots 'o Mulder Torture, with plenty of angst for his circle of friends.
Spoilers: BIG TIME!! For "Triangle" from the 6th season. Don't read if you don't want to know how the episode ends.
Feedback: Is mandatory. dee_ayy@yahoo.com
Summary: Did _you_ wonder what Scully meant by "been through the wringer" in TRIANGLE? Me too. Try this on for size.

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The Watchman

Disclaimer: He belongs to 1013 Productions, and the company that doesn’t deserve him, 20th Century Fox Film Corp.
Rating: PG-13
Category: V, A, MT
Spoilers: Nothing too explicit, but for “Biogenesis” and “The 6th Extinction.”
Archive: Certainly. Let me know where, and I’ll send a bundt cake.
Feedback: Is gratefully accepted and always replied-to. dee_ayy@yahoo.com
Thanks: To the three who weighed in on this one, Keryn, Vickie, Peggy G. Sorry Vic, I couldn’t resist the fact that I’d actually written a vignette, and so I let it stand!
Author’s note: I couldn’t get that image of Mulder from the beginning of “The 6th Extinction” out of my head. This is the result.
Summary: Someone watches over Mulder. Fill-in for that time between “Biogenesis” and “The 6th Extinction.”

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The Kindness of Strangers

Rating: PG-13 for language. Otherwise, just Mulder Angst and a bit of Scully Torture. Mulder doesn't even faint. Unheard of for me, I know. Sorry.
Disclaimer: You know they're not mine, I know they're not mine, THEY know they're not mine, and they haven't sued me yet. So I guess they know there's no harm intended--because of course, there isn't!
Spoilers: Yup. For the season 6 episode TITHONUS. Be warned.
Thanks: To the usual suspects. Keryn and Christine read parts of this as a work-in-progress, and Vickie and Kristina are always nothing but encouraging. Thanks, guys. And I just found out I won a Purple Heart Award! To all who voted for me, gee, thanks. I don't know what to say. I'm relatively new at this, so to win something is, well, stunning.
Archive: By all means. But be so kind as to let me know.
Feedback: Is what I live for! dee_ayy@yahoo.com.
Summary: A fill-in for Tithonus, documenting the hell that Mulder goes through as he finds out what happened to Scully, and the thing he is reminded of.

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Disclaimer: They belong to 1013 Productions and that shining example of all that’s evil about vertical integration, 20th Century Fox Film Corporation. I am just borrowing. Don’t sue.
Rating: PG
Category: V, A, MT, post-ep
Spoilers: For the 7th-season episode “Millennium,” with oblique references to the two “6th Extinctions.” Be warned.
Feedback: Yes, please. dee_ayy@yahoo.com
Thanks: To Keryn, Vickie, Peggy G., thanks for making sure I was saying what I wanted to say Christine, thanks for not saying what I bet you wanted to say.
Summary: Mulder’s injury leads to some reflection. Fill-in for “Millennium.”

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Sick and Tired

Category: S, A, MT, post-ep(ish)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: My anxiety about what they are doing to them is high, so I wish they didn’t, but they do. Mulder and Scully belong to 1013 Productions and 20th Century Fox Film Corp. Lily is mine, and they can’t have her.
Archive: Fer Sure. Go for it.
Spoilers: Sort of, for the 7th-season episode “Brand X."
Thanks: As always, to Keryn and Peggy. And even though it’s been a while since she bugged me about bringing this character back, Vickie has been relentless about it in the past, so this is for her.
Feedback: Is da bomb (that is good, isn’t it?). dee_ayy@yahoo.com
Note: This story reintroduces a character from my story “First Case,” which can be found here. Knowledge of that story is helpful, but not at all essential.
Summary:  An ailing Mulder runs into an old acquaintance on yet another ER visit. Post-ep for “Brand X.” Sort of.

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Shouldering the Blame

Disclaimer: They're not mine. Legally, they belong to 1013 Productions and 20th Century Fox. Morally, they belong to Chris Carter, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, and the rest of the people who bring these characters to life. Don't sue. There are bigger fish to fry than me, I'm sure.
Rating: Ahhhh, PG-13 for language (not much). MTA rating? Maybe 4. You decide.
Archive: Sure, Why not. But tell me.
Feedback: Is encouraged. Hell, by now it is EXPECTED. Not only can take it, I pretty much live for it. So don't let me down! dee_ayy@yahoo.com
Thanks: Vickie, Vickie, Vickie. Some call you a muse. I call you a slave driver.
Summary: The further adventures of Mulder as he recovers from shoulder surgery--at the Scully's, with Bill in attendance. Followup to "Shouldering Responsibility."

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Shouldering Responsibility

DISCLAIMER: Mulder, Scully, and Skinner belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and 20th Century Fox. Don't sue me.
RATINGS: PG-13 for language (Mulder does tend to swear). Fair share of MulderAngst and Pain, but nothing life-threatening. MTA Rating? Maybe a 4. You decide.
THANKS: To everyone who sent encouraging responses to my first attempt at this fan fic stuff, particularly Shirley Smiley herself (even though she is a Red Sox fan), Debbie Goldstein (that first scene with Skinner is for you!), and especially Vickie Moseley, who brought me over to the dark side. I really, really hate you, Vickie. ;-)
ARCHIVE: Sure. Anywhere. Send it along. I don't care.
SPOILERS: Mention is made to events in END GAME and ANASAZI.
COMMENTS: Are welcome. I can take it. dee_ayy@yahoo.com
SUMMARY: A followup to PAIN IN THE NIGHT, but you should be able to follow this without having read that. Mulder is forced into elective shoulder surgery, and tries to take it like a man.

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