Timing Is Everything

Jack thought of all the times he'd really not want to answer the phone, having Daniel bent over his dinning room table, screaming his head off as he pounded away inside him, cups and plates askew, files and their resultant papers settling on the floor, would have to be one of them.

He was reluctant to release his grip on Daniel's hips, holding him in place as he fucked the man currently scrapping his nails along the finish. "Oh god, ...Jack, harder,..harder, ...oh god.

"Dammit Daniel!" Jack grunted, managing to slow as he reached for the phone while still deeply imbedded inside him.

"O'Neill" he barked down the phone, trying to keep Daniel from moving his hips so deliciously around him.

It was a telemarketer. Of all the possibly important calls he might have received being a man in his er... position, he was being pestered by a bloody telemarketer!

In amidst the details on free long distance calls and savings packages, Jack snapped. "Ok, let me explain a little something to ya, I currently have my 9 inch prick so far up my boyfriends ass I'm 3 seconds away from blowing, now as suave and persuasive you think you might be, let me tell ya, I'm not interesting in anything at the moment apart from making one dirty little archaeologist scream his pretty little head off so loud that wherever you may be calling from in the world, you'll hear it. I'll give you those 3 seconds to kindly hang up before I decide to fuck you over too." and with that Jack dropped the phone to the ground before continuing his assault on said vocal archaeologist.

Later, as they sat on the floor propped up against a table leg sharing a cigarette, neither heard the dial tone being emitted by the phone only 3 feet away.

The End

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