For Pete and Marie.


I wanted to be there to say goodbye to Tom, who has played a very big part in my life. Due to looking after Vicky and Jill I can’t be there. So therefore I thought I’d write this letter.


I will miss Tom so much with all his jokes, stories, politeness, his sayings and everything unique which is Tom. I have warm memories of trips he took me on when he used to have his car. Once I went shopping with him, my sister and niece that was a fun experience. Especially when I saw Tom and Vicky having trolley war fights. I honestly don’t know who was the adult and who was the kid one out of them both.


Right now I wish somebody had recorded Tom when he told stories and jokes. What I can remember is everybody laughing with the way he told them passionately and the way his eyes sparkled when he was talking and laughing at things his done or witnessed others doing funny things.


Tom to me was like a granddad in so many ways. He always made us all welcome when we visited him and always invited us to stay for tea. In my eyes he was the warmest, polite and mischievous person I’ve ever known with a wicked and playful sense of humour.


All the years I’ve known him I’ve never once seen him get mad or annoyed by any of us. Even when we winded him up once and wouldn’t give his walking stick back until he said a swear word. Took ages to do and nearly killed him saying the word but he managed to do it in the end.


I will miss him so very much and am honoured and glad to have known him. I am glad my sister met him many years ago at Pearson’s Park and eventually became part of our family.


All future Christmases and Birthdays will not be the same without Tom being their helping us to wind Mam up. Plus having loads of fun at her expense and simply just hanging out with him.

We are all blessed to have known such a gentle soul who would go out of his way and help anyone. 


He was truly one of a kind in his jokes, mannerisms and everything that made him Tom. He was truly unique in his ways with locks on draws, doors and anything else he could put a lock on. He was a genius at it no one ever figured out his locks as far as I know.


It is hard for us to never see your dad again. My heart goes out to you Pete and Marie in this very hard time.


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