Video project Introduction

Video project  Introduction

Welcome to the wonderful world of ‘Make Believe’ 

This video page would never have been launched if it wasn’t for the generous vidders, who have been so very kind with contributing their work for the likes of you and me to enjoy. Therefore I would like to say a big Thank You to every contributor who has made this project so very cool.

With this video page we want to help a Friend in Need and her family through a very difficult time. Along with this website there are two Stargate SG-! charity fanzines you can purchase through Ancient’s Gate.

Holdt was very sick with a collapsed lung due to pneumonia and has been at the hospital for several weeks. And while her condition is more stable now and she‘s home, she is still far from ‘back to normal‘. Thankfully she was able to beat the odds because she’s a big stubborn fighter. She is slowly recovering but still needs help in every way possible.

When the bad news about her troubles and the financial fall out for her family as a result of her sickness spread across fandoms, helping hands were offered on all fronts and that is how we were able to launch this video page and the fanzines. 

The main aim of this website and the zines is to raise as much money as possible to help Holdt and her family. And even if you can’t donate – because we know money is tight everywhere these days – you can still spread the word about this website and the fanzines on twitter, facebook, Livejournal... anywhere you can think of. It’ll be very much appreciated!

There will be a little something for everyone here. Some videos may make you laugh, cry plus you’ll never get that time back from having loads of fun watching them. Now that we know Holdt is very much alive and kicking, we hope she gets a kick out of this video page, too ;) It’s packed with so much wonderful eye candy to make her laugh as well as you.

Since Holdt’s heart and passion is making fan videos with stories to tell in many fandoms, we wanted to create a place where friends of Holdt’s from other fandoms can contribute videos as well. So while while the fanzines are SG-1 only, this website is multi fandom, housing videos from SG-1, SGA, Hawaii 5-0, ST TOS, Buffy, Supernatural... and  many more.

Everyone of us has worked their socks off polishing off videos or creating new ones for this site, and contributing old and new stories or art works for the zines.

I have volunteered to host all the videos on my site, plus I’ve made banners for all videos except for Annejackdanny, Darcy & Aruna7. I’ve worked like hell outside of work and stayed up late as much as possible to get everything done in time. I hope you’ll enjoy everything that has been added into each video section.

To watch the videos, please choose from the sections in the video area above (drop down menu)

For the fanzines we had had so many wonderful people stepping forward with all the contributions we were able to make two zines. One is Slash and focuses on Jack O’Neill and Daniel Jackson who are in a relationship, the other zine is Gen where Jack and Daniel are only friends and where there’s a lot of SG-1 team-goodness as well.

Please help us to continue to raise funds for Holdt by donating or buying a zine. If you’re super cool then feel free to buy them all through the links provided below.

Have fun!

Manic Mea

A Friend in need.

Mixed videos for the zine, which exclude the adult videos can be found here:

Stargate Gen videos:

Stargate Slash videos:

Multi fandom Gen videos:

Multi fandom Slash Videos:

Stargate SG1 Adult Slash Videos:

Please donate here:

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