Adrift on a Canoe

Rated: G
Spoilers: Anywhere past Season 3
Summary: Two F.B.I agents rent a canoe on a nice summer Sunday.  Can anything go wrong... we shall see.

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Long Weekend

Category: MT, A
Rating: PG-13 for a little colorful language.
Spoilers: None, but the story takes place in early season 6, when Mulder and Scully are still working under AD Kersh.
Archive: But of course, but please let me know.
Thanks: To three in particular, Vickie, Keryn, and Kristina, who read this as I went, and encouraged along the way. It took a lot longer than I--or they--anticipated! And also to all the other people who let me know that they enjoy what I do.
Feedback: Is my lifeblood.
Disclaimer: Not mine! Mulder, Scully, and the Lone Gunmen all belong to Chris Carter's 1013 Productions and Rupert Murdoch's 20th Century Fox Film Corp. (you know, that company that seems to like to cheat people out of their just earnings).
Summary: Mulder takes a little trip with the Lone Gunmen, and things don't go as planned.

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A Dream of Thaw

For James B. and May for teaching all too well.  And for Leota, who's left.   
Archive: xemplary, gossamer, ephemeral, Spookies, all other big houses: groovy.  
Personal pages, send me an email.  It's good to know where you are at the end of the day.
Category: Angst, Scully, Skinner, Krycek, Gunmen, M/S Deep Abiding Love (this is as close to MSR as this angst hound gets.)  
S/SK in but it's not one of those things. Try it.You might like it.
Rating: A hard R for some sexual content.
Spoilers: X-Cops and Requiem.  Really, I'm very sorry. I hope you'll read it anyway.
Thanks and quotes: At the very end.

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Gold to Airy Thinness Beat

Rating:  This one is PG
Archive Permissions:  Spookys, Ephemeral, Xemplary, Church of X, Gossamer, all the big houses, yes.  On personal pages, drop me a note. It's good to know where you end up at the end of the day.
Link will be at:
Category: Mulder, Scully, Skinner.  MSR dosed with MAJOR ANGST.
Don't read this if you are weak at heart or don't like seeing Moose and Squirrel suffer.  Oh and by the way, one of our heroes is going to be shuffling off a mortal coil.  Still, give it a try, Mikey. You might like it.
Spoilers: absolutely none.
Disclaimer:  I don't own 'em, I don't claim 'em and I have utmost respect for the people that do.
Thanks:  Virginia.  Sab, Marasmus, Livia, Piglet.Thanks very much.
Quick notes at the end.

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Fractured Fairy Tale

Feedback: always welcome
Distribution: Kimpa and Enigmatic Dr., always; Ephemeral, 
Gossamer, or if you've archived me before, yes; if you haven't,
please just let me know and leave headers, email addy, etc.
attached. Thanks!
Spoilers: FTF, though I do use knowledge gained since the 
movie to flesh out some motivations here.
Rating: PG
Classification: Vignette
Keywords: CSM POV
Summary:  Sometimes even heroes need a helping hand.
Disclaimer:  These characters aren't mine.  They mostly belong
to the actors who portrayed them, but Chris Carter created them,
and Ten Thirteen and FOX own the rights.  I mean no
infringement, and I'm not making any profit from them.
Further disclaimer:  CSM's opinions are his own.  Whether they 
are reality or not, I leave to you.  

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Four More Miles

Rated: R for language
Category: MSR/Angst-MPOV
Summary: Mulder's race to save his partner's life.
Disclaimer: This Mulder and Scully are mine and because I don't 
profit from them there's not a damn thing Chris Carter can do 
about it. 
Warnings: At end of document. If you have to know what happens, 
skip down and find out for yourself.
Feedback: Please do.  You can e-mail me at:
Flames will be forwarded to that dark part of my writer's 
imagination that roams the night in search of victims.
Author's note: Thanks to David and Shoshana and Shellfor beta.  
And to Webmistress Grasshopper for keeping up the archive where 
all of my stories can be found.
You can now find all my stories archived at: 
The Literary G-Spot 
or try  The Literary G-Spot Mirror 

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Father of the Bride

SUMMARY: A look into one possible future for Scully and Mulder.
Romantic and emotional. WARNING: Mature subjects - may not be suitable for Pre-teens. 
Definitely sexual but not graphic.  Rated PG-13.
DISCLAIMER: The characters in this story are the property of Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions and the Fox Broadcasting Network. No copyright infringement is intended.
X-PHILES: You are welcome to repost or otherwise distribute this story among other X-Philes as long as you do so for free and my name and e-mail address go with it.
Hi all,
 I posted the first section of this story some time back.
Several readers were bold enough to say that they didn't think it was much of a story by itself. So... I got busy and wrote an
extended version. Don't be put off if you remember the original posting as depressing. This story is not a tragedy.
I am posting it in 4 parts. If you would prefer the story in one large file just e-mail and I will send it.
Thanks to the readers of the sneak preview who made helpful comments, especially Windsinger. Some of your suggestions I followed and some I didn't. But I'm sick of working on it, so here it is.
I do take my writing seriously, so any constructive criticism is very welcome. Warm and fuzzy responses are also appreciated.
Hope you enjoy it.
Eleanore the Canadian Coyote

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Disclaimer: Ten Thirteen Productions owns these babies. They are beginning to
let them have some fun, for which I'm appreciating GREATLY. I'm just going
to borrow them for this little vignette. I promise you that I make no money from
this. All that I have in my wallet is my driver's license and my Camelot music
saver's card. And some pennies. :)
Summary: The tethers loosen. Missing scene from "Redux II".
Category/Rating: VAR(implied Mulder/Scully). PG.
Spoilers: "Memento Mori", "Redux II". That's really it.
Do not send to ATXC. Other than that, e-mail me! I'm
fairly lenient about where my stories go.
See bottom for author's notes.

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Eight and Twelve

Rating:   PG
Category: VA
Spoilers: None
Keywords: Angst
Summary:  Mulder remembers Samantha.
Archive: Yes to all -- if you're not Gossamer please let me know you're using
it so I can visit.
Disclaimer:  Don't own 'em, can't afford 'em.  I tried to contact CC and 1013
Productions to get permission, but they wouldn't return my calls.
Feedback:  Well, DUH!  Yes, Please and thank you.
For Mark.

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Eat it Too

CAategory: S, R, A
Keywords: MSR, some angst, hopefully a little humor
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Will Mulder ever get his cake? And if he does, what
will he do with it?
Spoilers: FTF, some very small season 6 rumors
Archive: Anywhere as long as my name and e-mail are there.
DISCLAIMER: None of these characters belong to me.
Notes: Thanks, as always, to Amy and Laura for being
true friends, wonderful people, and extremely helpful beta
readers :)

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