Mountains out of Molehills

Disclaimer: They’re not mine, but the owners, 1013 Productions and that nasty corporation 20th Century Fox, left them languishing, untouched, for six months! What did they expect us to do?
Rating: PG-13
Category: MT, pure and simple. But only minor.
Spoilers: Not one.
Archive: Why sure. Just let me know, please.
Feedback: Need I go into this again? I live and breathe for feedback. Any fan fic writer who says otherwise has to be lying!
Thanks: To Keryn. And you call ME a stickler for details!!! Hey Peggy and Peggy, this one’s for you. And Vickie, you know I hate you. Always have, always will.
Note: This was written to try and cure “starter’s block” on something else I want to write. It’s nothing special, just another case of me applying an injury suffered by a friend of mine to Agent Mulder.
Summary: Mulder puts it best when he says “I fell boom.” Really, that’s about it.

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Maybe Merry Christmas

Disclaimer: Fox Belongs to Fox (and they certainly don't deserve him, that's for darn sure!). Marie is all mine, and I still like her.
Category: V, A
IMPORTANT NOTE: This story is a follow up to something I wrote over a year ago, a story about a hospice worker sent to help the Scullys--and Mulder--cope with Dana's cancer. It's called "I Know." Knowledge of that story is absolutely essential. Seriously, folks, this will make no sense whatsoever if you haven't read that. It has been posted as a companion to this, or you can get to it directly by clicking here.
Archive: Absolutely. Especially anyone who archived "I Know." I'd love you to put this with it.
Feedback: Is better than any Christmas gift.
Thanks: Go out to Keryn, Vickie, Peggy G. and Christine, who all convinced me to post this. And to
Mr. H, who seems to have been my muse. Flights of angels, Frank.
Summary: Follow up to "I Know." Two years later, a chance encounter reopens old wounds, and maybe helps them heal.


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In Need of a Friend

Author: dee_ayy
July 24, 2001
Disclaimer: It sickens me, but they still belong to Fox and 1013.
Archive: Sure thing. If you feel like it, tell me where.
Spoilers: Haven’t they already spoiled it? No, none.
Rating: PG-13
Category: S, A, MT
Summary: An ill Mulder needs Scully and can’t find her, forcing him to find comfort elsewhere.
Thanks: To my friends Peggy and Kelly and Laurel and Susan and Michelle.And it’s good to have you back, Vickie. Hey Jan, remember this one?
Author’s note. It was December 2000. I was disgusted with what I was seeing on TV each Sunday night, namely the great NONsearch for Mulder. Nevertheless, I sat down to try and continue my fan fic habit, thinking maybe I’d cheer myself up by giving Mulder a nice disease. I found the beginnings of a Christmas-themed Muldertorture story started in December of 1999, and decided to carry on with that one. But as I wrote, I noticed something. The story was becoming one where Mulder needs Scully, badly, and she’s not there for him. It almost made me laugh when I realized how this story was paralleling my feelings about the show itself. When the show got no better, I put the story aside, for fear of making it too angry and bitter. I left it for months. Once the show was over (as far as I am concerned) and some time had passed, I decided that while I was still terribly disappointed in how they didn’t resolve any of the things Mulder searched for and believed and stood for all these years, the anger had, for the most part, passed. So I returned to this story, and finished it. It still mirrors my feelings about season 8 to a degree, but it’s better.
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I Know

Author: dee_ayy
Rating: A for Angst. Lots of it. Nothing more, really. Just a couple of swear words.
Archive: Sure. Spread it far and wide. Go for it.
Feedback: Is what I live for. This is unlike anything I have ever written, so I'm counting on hearing from you.
Spoilers: Redux II, mostly. Sort of. Not until the end, though.
Summary: A third person recounts her experiences helping Dana and Fox come to terms with Dana's cancer. Written in journal form.
Thanks: Have to go out to Keryn, who was with me every step of the way, and to Kristina, who gave me an international perspective!
Author's note: If you're like me, you hated the way Scully's cancer and miraculous remission were handled on the show. Anyone whose life has been touched by a loved one with terminal cancer knows that a few nosebleeds and a swoon isn't the way it usually happens. I was especially annoyed because I remember Chris Carter promising that he wouldn't treat it lightly. Well, I think he did. This is my little "fill in the blank" suggestion of what life might have been like for Dana and those close to her if they had wanted to be a little more realistic. But in the end I still gave her that miracle cure--character death just ain't my thing. For those who may not know, "hospice" refers to a medical philosophy of making the final days of terminally ill patients as pain- and worry-free as possible, and often entails allowing them to die at home. Most American hospitals and cities have hospice programs by now.
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I Can Only Marvel

Author: dee_ayy
April 21, 2000
Category: S, A, MT, fill-in
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Uh huh. For the 7th season episode “Brand X.” Be warned.
Summary: Skinner gains new insight into his agents, and himself, as they confront Mulder’s illness. Fill-in for “Brand X.”
Feedback: Is like sunshine on a rainy day.
Thanks: Specifically to Keryn and Peggy and Vickie and Laurel, for their encouragement on this one (and all of them!). And to them and several others (you know who you are) for helping me through a particularly bad month. Your concern has meant a lot, and it’s good to be back. And to all of you (I lost count at eleven) who wrote asking me to write a fill-in, thanks. You’ll never know how important that encouragement has been.
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God and Antivenin

Author: dee_ayy
February 1, 2000
Spoilers: Uh huh. For the 7th season episode “Signs and Wonders.” Be warned.
Rating: PG-13 for Medical grossness
Category: MT, A, fill-in
Summary: Scully faces the severity of Mulder’s injuries, as well as the inexplicable aspects of their case and his recovery. Fill-in for "Signs and Wonders.”
Feedback: Makes it all seem worthwhile.
Archive: Sure, just leave name and email attached. Tell me where and I'll be sure to visit!
Thanks: To those who wrote me asking “So, where’s the MT fill-in?” This one’s for all of you. And to Vickie, Keryn, and Peggy G, who helped along the way.
Author’s Note: Any similarities to Vickie Moseley’s fill-in, “Only the Righteous,” are nothing more than a freaky coincidence. And she’ll back me up on that.
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First Case

Author: dee_ayy
June 20, 1999
Rating: PG. Just a little bit of swearing.
Spoilers: Nope.
Summary: A young medical student encounters a very special first trauma case.
Feedback: Is like heroin! Please, I need a fix!
Archive: Any time, anywhere, but please let me know.
Thanks: Are due to all sorts of people on this one, but most notably to Vickie Moseley, who convinced me to do what I knew had to be done, and take out my hatchet, so to speak. It really is okay if the story you actually write turns out to be something completely different than what you intended when you started. Also thanks to Keryn for her medical help (even though her computer problems left me high and dry at a pivotal point!), and to Christina for her usual fine-tooth-comb reading.
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Conversation in the Dark

Author: dee_ayy
February 10, 2000
Spoilers: Uh huh. For the seventh season episode “Sein und Zeit.” Be warned.
Summary: Eventually the tears stopped, and they talked. (Fill-in for “Sein und Zeit.”)
Category: V, A
Rating: PG-13 (one swear!)
Archive: Certainly. If you let me know where, I’ll visit.
Feedback: Rocks my world.
Thanks: To Vickie and Peggy, for telling me to post this.
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Author: dee_ayy
April 18, 2001
Category: S, A, MT, fill-in
Rating: PG
Summary: Agent Mulder. Was that still who I was? Who I would be? I didn’t feel it. The title was hollow; meant nothing. It wasn’t me. Not any more.
Spoilers: DeadAlive/Three Words. This story bridges the gap.
Feedback: It’s been a while. Talk to me.
Archive: Sure. Let me know where, please.
Thanks: To everyone who sent me notes these last 8 months asking me to write X-Files again. And to my friends Peggy and Keryn and Laurel and Susan.
Dedication: This is for Jan. It was her persistent (but encouraging!) nagging that is responsible for this story. I promised the first one back would be for her, and it is.
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Bruised Masculinity

Author: dee_ayy
March 3, 2000
Spoilers: Uh huh. For the 7th-season episode "First Person Shooter." Be warned.
Summary: Cyberbabe apparently gave Mulder more than one kind of jolt. Post-ep for "First Person Shooter."
Category: MT, post-ep.
Rating: R for language...
Feedback: Makes it all seem worthwhile.
Archive: Why surely.
Thanks: To my x-ray crew, for the encouragement and medical advice, and as always to Vickie. It was my desire to beat you with one that kept me up till 2am all week. Thanks a LOT, Vic.
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